5 ad campaigns that failed

Often, advertising campaigns, which bode well for success, turn out to be a failure and at the same time spoil the brand image. Even if the biggest agencies are behind the idea and the creation process itself, and the budget is not limited, seemingly brilliant thought and creation can prove to be a disaster. Audiences and target audiences have the decisive say, and if they find the ad embarrassing, it’s hard to turn such a failure into a silent success in any way.

Here’s a subjective selection of ad campaigns that have failed:

1. Royal Republic – Roleski

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(Source): http://republikaroleski.pl/

“Royal Republic” advertising Roleski. The promotion of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, sauces and concentrates has been widely echoed among the public. There was no shortage of negative opinions about the ads, which rubbed off on grotesque and annoyance. The campaign presents people from different parts of the world in original stylizations, showing individual Roleski products. The characters do not associate with mayonnaise, ketchup or sauce. It’s hard to guess which target audience the message is targeting.

2. Brand Cornelius

Digital Manager Warsaw(Source): http://www.cornelius.pl/ yotube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWrFNXtXVHI

The Cornelius brand decided to encourage women to buy beer through sexual associations. The failure can be evidenced by negative comments from the audience on the network and a short broadcast of the spot. Advertising was supposed to be fun, and judging by the opinions of internet users – it came out extremely poorly. She gained a sexist and primitive reputation. In almost every issue, you can see the subtext, and the straw pop-up from the can evokes unambiguous associations. In addition to direct erotic allusions, advertising is also badly “ripped” and not very professional.

3. Mom and Dad’s Mom and Dad’s Don’t Postpone Motherhood Campaign

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(Source): http://www.mamaitata.org.pl/

The “Don’t Postpone Motherhood” campaign of the Mom and Dad Foundation has definitely divided internet users and triggered an avalanche of discussion. It was intended to warn young women against postponing the decision on motherhood for the future. Opponents hailed the campaign as too conservative. Another problem was the defence of women and their independent decision on motherhood. In the end, the foundation achieved its goal in part by being the principal of one of the most commented social campaigns of the past year.
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4. Rye Vodka

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(Source): http://www.polmos.bielsko.pl/

Rye vodka scored perhaps the biggest mishap on Facebook, posting a photo of a shot of Michał Adamowicz from the “Solidarity” demonstration. The administrator posted them on the brand’s fanpage with the suggestive caption “Hangover Vegas? Written by Rye.” The post sparked a wave of negative reviews. The person responsible for the fanpage was accused of ignorance and lack of elementary knowledge of the history of Polish, and the whole case ended in court.

5. Adrian loves all women
(Sodigital manager warsawurce): http://www.adrian-rajstopy.pl/

Adrian loves all women – we know this for a long time, watching the next ads of the company producing pantyhose. However, in the opinion of internet users, the brand exaggerated, releasing the creation with a grave and a quote from Fr. Jan Twardowski “let’s hurry to love people, they leave so quickly…”. The combination of a kuso-clad woman lying next to a cemetery monument with a quote from a poem caused a wave of discontent. The main complaint turned out to be the use of serious symbols for commercial purposes. Moreover, one of the billboards unfortunately ended up in the vicinity of the cemetery in Warsaw…

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