How do I stand out from Google Search? Learn 5 tricks

Having a website is not enough to attract potential customers or readers. The primary source of traffic for most sites is Google search results. Therefore, the goal of each website owner should be to find a way to get the best visibility online. As you know, internet users search for products or services of interest to them, they usually browse only the first few items on the first page of search results. So how do you stand out in Google Search and outdo the competition?

Trick 1. Website positioning

Perhaps the simplest and most effective solution is to position your own website.However, we will have to wait a little longer for the results. Positioning is a long-term process and requires continuous optimization of the site for SEO. In order for the internet user to become a customer, the service must also be intuitive, clear and readable, and the offer easily accessible and perfectly matched.

Trick 2. Unique content on the website

The content on the website not only must contain the appropriate keywords, but should also be unique, at a high level of content. Sometimes we will invest a lot in positioning, and we will not achieve the expected results. Unique content = est another very important issue affecting high scores on Google. See what mistakes you don’t make when creating unique content for your page.

how to stand out on google


Trick 3. High-quality backlinks

Currently, the quality of the page containing links comes first. Until a few years ago, positioning consisted of generating a huge number of links to the site, but after changes in google’s algorithm, this is not a good practice. If you choose seo agency positioning, it is worth checking how the whole process looks like, because still many agencies use old, already ineffective positioning methods.

how to stand out on google


Trick 4. Structural data

If a search engine is able to recognize tags on a web page, it can use this information to stand out on Google by displaying selected items in search results. They may include, depending on the industry, a service rating, price range, or even a list of songs for a music site. You can add structured data yourself using the “Data Highlighter” tool, which we find in Google webmaster tools.

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Trick 5. Graphics and photos

Between text results, Google also shows search results in the form of photos and graphics. They allow you to attract your eyes, so positioning the page along with the image is a good solution. We can increase the likelihood of indexing graphics on our website with Google Webmaster Tools.

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