7 most common content marketing mistakes

Conducting marketing activities within the internet requires a coherent and refined strategy. Content marketing, as one of the most effective marketing tools, would seem to be merely about creating and distributing content related to our industry.

However, not always prepared content performs its function, and internet marketing specialists often make mistakes at the beginning of their adventure with content marketing. What mistakes are most often made?

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Source: https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-content-marketing/content-strategy

1. Focus on text, not visual form

Not only text is content marketing, but also graphics, which definitely increases the value of our message. A good content marketing strategy should include different types of content: images, presentations, videos, infographics. They are much more eye-catching and encourage sharing. It is also worth remembering that it is increasingly easier to interest an aesthetic image than a voluminous, interesting text.

2. Lack of a coherent strategy

Content marketing activities build and strengthen brand image. Among other things, it must be compatible with other forms of promotion. The biggest mistake is the chaotic and reckless distribution of content, without a single common denominator.

3. No communication with customers

The basic principle of content marketing is to promote the most valuable content. In order for our activities to be widely echoed, it is worth involving as many people as possible in dialogue and, most importantly, to have a dialogue with them. Even if the comments are negative, it is worth explaining the situation on a regular basis and prove that the suggestions and opinion of customers are always in the first place.

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Source: http://www.icubetech.com/content-marketing.html

4. Content is not positioned appropriately

Users must have a chance to hit your article. To do this, make sure that the titles and titles in your page code are marked with H1, H2, or H3 tags. Create appropriate description and title tags that contain keywords. Not only do texts need to be valuable, but they also need to be optimized for search engines.

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5. No goal set

This mistakes applies not only to content marketing. The strategy must always include short- and long-term objectives and an action plan. It is only through systematicity and setting ourselves real goals that we can succeed.

internet marketing specialisthttps://contentmart.com/blog/2016/02/26/does-content-marketing-actually-work/

6. Focus on your services

We create content marketing for people, not for the business owner. It is a big mistake not to know the expectations of our target audience and to focus only on presenting your offer from your own analytical point of view. Interesting and valuable content for the audience will be willingly forwarded, which can not be said about the dry offer.

7. Lack of proper content distribution

Firstly – production, secondly – distribution. Just having content is not enough, it should be shared wherever our audience is and allow them to communicate our messages on their own across channels. You need to expand your reach all the time to reach our potential customers. Today, social media is at the foremost, giving you the best chance of viral marketing.

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Source: http://marketingland.com/5-research-based-findings-prove-content-marketing-better-native-advertising-129953

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