Daily marketing specialist in 15 gifs

If the internet is your second – or even your first – home, if you work in an agency or at a customer’s office as a marketing specialist, if you’re an account at a digital agency, you’ll understand what this short listing is all about. How to sum up the everyday life of a digital learner? You don’t need extensive translations, elaborate and descriptive representation of every hour of a long day. Enough gifs, more pictorially probably can not …

1. When you get a job in digital marketing

2. When you learn how many past processes can be simplified

3. When you plan digital activities with offline

4. When Mr. Sandwich enters the office

5. When you don’t sign up for a board presentation

6. When a director reports a new project to you

7. When someone comes to ask you about project details

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8. When the third hour of brainstorming passes

9. When you find out that there is AN ASAP EXTRA

10. When you want to go out for lunch, but you’ve been told to do something in ASAP EXTRA mode

11. When you are praised in front of the whole company

12. When someone says by email that you made a wrong, but… someone else made a wrong

13. When you come back from vacation and the mailbox bursts at the seams

14. When you knead before deadline

15. When it strikes at 17:00 on Friday

Most of these situations need to be looked at with a grain of salt and calmness. It doesn’t always work out.

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