Kryzysy wybuchają w majówki

Case of life: Once a sharp circle, once a sharp sink. A short story about how a brand SHOULD NOT communicate with a customer

One good Facebook contest can bring more benefits to your brand than the most engaging posts. It can affect its image, increase sales, engage new audiences, increase reach, increase response rate if the brand is alert enough to respond to any comment under the contest post. It would seem that the contest on social is never bad. Or maybe, in direct communication, the brand proves that it simply can not communicate, the word “compensation” is too difficult for her and uses the statements: “you won a sweatshirt and you drink a focha that without a hood?”. What was it like?

Contest like any other – write something nice in the post, we will choose the answer and win. In this case, the contest post sounded like this:

Bad luck (yes, now I can write that bad luck) wanted that they chose my answer with a few. Award? “Among the people who post the comment we will draw 4 Loca Bikes sweatshirts and 3 T-shirts (photos and descriptions of t-shirts and sweatshirts on the site”. Well, I spoke to the nice – it seemed – you from Loca Bikes on the competition.

To begin with – a short ball: with or without a hood (that is, in advance they assigned me to a sweatshirt, ok). And only size L. I could be a small-ized man who wears only S, doesn’t like sweatshirts, especially black ones. Void. The question is one thing: with or without a hood? Well, I chose with a hood. I always thought that if someone gives me the opportunity to choose, I can actually make it and choose what I really prefer. Black or milk? With or without sugar? In a cup or in a cossle? And if there is no choice, why would anyone ask a question?

Further, it turns out that the sweatshirt is already sent. After 10 minutes, however, I get the information that the hoodie is gone. I can honestly admit that I felt strange. I understand that when preparing a competition, you select and check the products that you want to be prizes. It turns out there are no hoodies…

My message that the word ‘compensation’ was made was crucial. First, I suddenly became “Lord” and not “You”. Secondly, it turns out that they can send “what we have”. Thirdly, hoodies will be in 1.5 months. Fourth, they suddenly inform me that they still have L-size shirts. Oh, so all of a sudden I have to choose l-size t-shirts.

I have to make a decision as soon as possible. No matter what, no matter how, no matter that the potential customer is satisfied, it is also not important for the brand to prove that it is doing everything to meet expectations or even to fulfill the competition. The important thing is that they pack the package and want to have the matter out of their head.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, the brand chose for me. So I announced that I would not unpack the package and wait for what I chose. And there was neither a gram of aggression, an attempt to make someone a problem, or a pin. I thought, I’m going to pick up and send you away. I will not unpack, I will not destroy, I will not unpack the packaging and wait for this unfortunate hoodie, which I chose. How the brand reacted to this message.

“You won a sweatshirt and you drink a focha, with no hood? Wtf. Don’t get it. We will be 15zł in the back on the courier”

I don’t think that’s the answer of any brand – whether it’s a small form or a chain store or a premium brand known to everyone – that doesn’t require comment. Further translations are equally interesting. The brand writes that she mistakenly assumed that she had hoodies, but they are no longer there. However, I recommend you check what you have, what is not there, what it allocates to the competition and what it offers to customers and potential customers.

I’ve lost the urge to have a non-structured conversation. They kind of don’t want to make an acidic atmosphere, and they keep doing it. Like they wanted to do well, because the contest and prizes, and somewhere with these messages leaks the message: YOU GET FREE, SO WHAT DO YOU WANT? / SOMEONE WOULD BE MORE SATISFIED AND YOU ARE STILL DISCUSSING? It is a pity that such a young brand already at the beginning shows a lack of respect in communication. And it’s not about whether it’s a hoodie or not, whether it’s a t-shirt, a dress or some other piece of fabric. The main thing is that ineadmissive communication kills the best intentions, ideas and good plans. And for the competition, however, it is better to prepare and always have prepared rules.

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