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Mobile app "MyJatomi" for gym fitness

Smartphone app “MyJatomi” is the first mobile application for fitness gym, thanks to which customers can check their measurements and trends, sign up for classes, check the dates of subsequent classes, contact and make appointments with personal trainers, check the number of free lockers in the winter, find the most important information about clubs in Poland and abroad and invite their friends to free workouts. The smartphone app “MyJatomi” was created according to UX and UI standards and is available on Android and iphone. Google AdWords campaigns were used to increase the visibility of your apps on the web and reach a larger group of users. The “MyJatomi” application has the same features as the customer portal.

First versions of the app with splash screen, menu, your measurments and results, refer a friend, timetables for trainings, lockers avability.

Product: Mobile appName:
t: Jatomi FitnessNee
ding: fitness gyms, wellnessCond
ing time: October 2014 – currentlyCon id
ea, concept and mock-ups : Piotr Czerpak

Selfcare web portal “MyJatomi”

Web design as a portal for MyJatomi customers, which is a reflection of the MyJatomi mobile application. Make changes to the old portal in terms of UI and UX changes, customer paths, create new screens for registration, reset password, create a new menu beam with buttons and a detailed submenu under the user icon. Development of new applications, e.g. booking personal training. The website was built according to UX and UI standards. See also Landing Page.

Product: web portalName
: MyJatomiKli
ent: Jatomi Fitness
Branch: fitness gyms, wellnes
sDucation time: October 2013 – present