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Mobile app “GO Sport” for sports networks!

The smartphone app “GO Sport” is the first mobile application for a network of sports / fitness stores, thanks to which customers can earn points in the FeelGood loyalty program! so they can exchange them for discounts.

To make the app more useful, additional features have been created for the app: sports activities. Users can transfer data about their activities by connecting Google Fit and Apple Health: miles spent, calories burned, so the app will reward users for their progress and regularity!

The smartphone app “GO Sport” was created according to UX and UI standards and is available on Android and iphone. Google AdWords campaigns were used to increase the visibility of your apps on the web and reach a larger group of users.

Product: Mobile application
Name: GO Sport
Customer: GO Sport
Industry: E-commerce/Stactionany shops selling sports equipment / fitness clothes
e chainsDue: October 2018 – currently
Idea, concept: Piotr Czerpak
Mockups: UI/UX Company

Tablet app to support retailers

Create a joining tablet for retailers at Jatomi Fitness clubs while maintaining current UX and UI standards. The seller has access to unfinished contracts, so that he can arrange with the customer to finalize them. It clearly sees the sales results on a separate screen. In addition, the module has marketing screens, which a
re shown to the customer during the recording to the gym. The customer also has the opportunity to read the contract himself, accept consent to data processing and marketing consent. The final step is for the customer to take their own picture using the tablet and manually sign the contract with a stylus on the tablet. See also Mobile app.

Digital Manager

Product: tablet appName: T
ablet Joining Custom
er: Jatomi FitnessNe
edle: fitness gyms, wellnessLeadi
ng time: February 2016 to dateIde
idea and concept: Piotr Czerpak
raphic realization: Simply Creative

Digital Marketing Warsaw

First Prague Jatomi Fitness Festival – Landing Page

Create websites that are tailored to all your devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. LP is a computer graphics and website that maintains the relevant UX and UX standards. Lp’s goal is to create lead-gathering campaigns and use them for post campaign purposes. A website created to support promotions such as a mobile app or a retention contest.

Product: Website Customer:
Jatomi FitnessBranch:
FitnessTime of
implementation: July 2016 – currently
This idea, concept and coding: Piotr Czerpak
Graphic realization: Piotr Czerpak

Digital Manager Warsaw

Previously, I carried out Landing Page projects for the
following industries: cosmetics – production, sales, newspapers and magazines – publishers, editors, collage, cafes, e-mail marketing, promotion of cult events, banks, car parts, car workshops, cleaning and washing equipment – production, sales, service, women’s clothing, clothing, men’s, footwear, accessories, preservatives.

E-mail marketing – Newsletters for companies

Email marketing is changing especially when it comes to User Expierence or maintaining UI standards. The first stage of the activities involved advertising the company’s social pages in order to get customers interested as widely as possible. In the next step, we presented emails without unnecessary links to focus users’ attention on the most important messages. You can also see Marketing Automation.

Internet Marketing Specialist

Product: Email marketin
Customer: Jatomi Fitness
Industry: fitness gyms, wellness
Duration time: October 2013
The idea and concept: Piotr Czerpak
Graphic realization and coding: Simply Creative