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Jatomi Fitness Customer Experience Map

Product: Jatomi Fitness Customer Experience Map
Client: Jatomi Fitness
Industry: Fitness
Implementation time: July 2013 – May 2016
Idea, concept: Piotr Czerpak
Graphic design: Agency

Selfcare web portal “MyJatomi”

Web design as a portal for MyJatomi customers, which is a reflection of the MyJatomi mobile application. Make changes to the old portal in terms of UI and UX changes, customer paths, create new screens for registration, reset password, create a new menu beam with buttons and a detailed submenu under the user icon. Development of new applications, e.g. booking personal training. The website was built according to UX and UI standards. See also Landing Page.

Product: web portalName
: MyJatomiKli
ent: Jatomi Fitness
Branch: fitness gyms, wellnes
sDucation time: October 2013 – present

Tablet app to support retailers

Create a joining tablet for retailers at Jatomi Fitness clubs while maintaining current UX and UI standards. The seller has access to unfinished contracts, so that he can arrange with the customer to finalize them. It clearly sees the sales results on a separate screen. In addition, the module has marketing screens, which a
re shown to the customer during the recording to the gym. The customer also has the opportunity to read the contract himself, accept consent to data processing and marketing consent. The final step is for the customer to take their own picture using the tablet and manually sign the contract with a stylus on the tablet. See also Mobile app.

Digital Manager

Product: tablet appName: T
ablet Joining Custom
er: Jatomi FitnessNe
edle: fitness gyms, wellnessLeadi
ng time: February 2016 to dateIde
idea and concept: Piotr Czerpak
raphic realization: Simply Creative

Digital Marketing Warsaw

Web app to join online gym

digital marketing specialist warsaw

Creating an ecommerce module, where the user can join the gym without leaving the house (paying for the first month in advance). The second part of the registration takes place in the club. The module is transparent to the user and at every stage explains what steps he should take and what he pays for. UX, user experience standards have been > this web application. See also mobile app.

e-marketing specialist warsaw

Product: web application
Name : Online Gym Joining
Client: Jatomi Fitness
Industry: fitness gyms, wellnessDurat
Duration time: January 2016 – currently
The idea and concept: Piotr Czerpak