How to Use Real-Time Marketing ? #Brangelina

Real-Time Marketing is another communication channel related to the development of other varieties of marketing strategies. Due to its limited shelf life, it requires a quick response. How to use and benefit from it in the conduct of activities?

What is real-time marketing?

This concept was already known in the 1990s. Of the 20th century. It was only the development of social media that made RTM widely applicable. Real-time marketing must be well positioned in your brand message so that it can convey a clear message and respond to current events. These can be emergencies, unplanned situations, holidays, important calendar days, political and cultural events. The most important thing here is to react quickly and forward information (so-called newsjacking) in the form of new news, events and moments, with the intention of engaging the audience.

The power of social media

Social media is the best field to use real-time marketing. The contact between the brand and the fan takes place here without intermediaries, so that the message reaches them instantly. These activities cannot be planned, and time in real-time marketing plays a key role.

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Celebrities and brands in real marketing – #Brangelina

After the recent separation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there was a big stir online. The well-#Brangelina hashtag doesn’t seem like a thing of the past, but not for everyone. Many brands and public figures have tried to use this moment to advertise their services, products and… pay attention to yourself

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Low-cost airline Norwegian went a step further and used the power of the event, converting it into a short message that every woman will understand. One-way flight, Los Angeles, Brad from now on is single and good price – just combine the facts, which does not require special efforts, and is the effect of “wow”. Has this real-time marketing action spoken to potential customers and more? Judging by the number of shares and how quickly the message on the red background became viral – yes.

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An interesting combination when it comes to real-time marketing is the last combination of two events – Brexit and Brandelina’s divorce. This is how one of the English television stations skillfully put it.

Real-time marketing benefits

Hitting the point, i.e. effective real-time marketing action, contributes to the increase in interest in the brand and the offer of the company. Real-time marketing, thanks to its viral potential, makes it easier to acquire new users by generating huge reaches. Such actions strengthen the brand image and reduce the distance between the company and the recipient and increase the attractiveness of the information provided. Ultimately, there is a high probability that the recipient will stay with the brand for longer. And all this for the minimum financial contribution from the brand.

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