10 ways to make money on your own website

The website is the best business card of the company. Thanks to it, we can more easily reach the audience, and putting a little commitment and ingenuity, also earn extra. Even if we do not earn the expected amount right away, the consequences will achieve our goal.

Here are 10 ways to earn money on your website:

1. Affiliate program

Affiliate programs, or affiliate programs, usually draw commissions from the sale of an advertiser’s product or service. In practice, you should only put a banner or affiliate link on your website, and when the user goes through it to the advertised page and makes an action (e.g. purchase), the advertiser gains a percentage of the profit or a certain amount.

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(Source): https://www.seroundtable.com/google-adsense-redesign-15604.html

2. Google AdSense

Monetization of Google AdSense ads is relatively easy. Just register for the program and then create a new advertising unit, which is a place on the site that we put at your disposal. Google puts an ad on the indicated surface from which we can profit. We receive money earned in the program when our total earnings exceed $100.

3. Selling ads on your own

If we have a large community around our site and have the right advertising space, there’s nothing to prevent us from posting information about the cost of advertising. Large companies mostly use ad networks, but direct access is also often practiced, so you can set prices with an advertiser individually.


(Source): http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/us/security/news/mobile-safety/security-of-mobile-payment-options

4. Micropayments

Starting from the trend of earning only through advertising on an inernet site, you can apply a slightly different strategy, namely the introduction of micropayments in exchange for making the content available. If the internet user is interested in a particular article or e-book on our website, and nowhere on the net there is reliable information on the topic of interest to him, then we can easily charge a fee for displaying content, e.g. by sms or quick transfers.

5. Sales of educational products

An increasingly popular method is to make money from educational products such as: e-book, tutorial, online course. This is the most time-consuming way, requires reliable and structured knowledge. However, it has one basic advantage – you don’t have to share profits, as in the case of affiliate programs, for example.

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(Source): http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/what-is-the-google-adwords-display-network-01250771

6. Real Time Bidding and Google Display Network

The common denominator of both solutions is the auction model of the purchase of advertising space, derived from financial exchange systems. In this case, each advertiser bids with others and sets bids that they are able to pay for the ad space. Settlement is based on CPC and CPM models.

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7. Sponsored articles

If advertisers’ articles are really high quality, they don’t have to be just a source of income, but they can also enrich our website with valuable content. Prices with advertisers can, of course, be set individually, based on the number of links to its website or the number of products promoted.

8. Cooperation with positioners

If we have a valuable page with a large number of indexed subpages, we may sell positioning links. In practice, it looks like for a fee we insert a link on your website (usually in the footer), redirecting to another site.

9. Selling your own products

Once our website has built a brand and has a large community around it, it’s a good idea to start a store within the site and make money selling products. It is an increasingly popular solution among bloggers who provide an author’s collection of clothes, accessories or jewelry.

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(Source): https://www.whitepress.pl/baza-wiedzy/54/jak-pozyskiwac-linki-do-swojej-strony

10. Whitepress, New

Unlike posting individual sponsored articles on your own surface, Whitepress gives you much more options. Acquiring advertisers on our own can sometimes be difficult, but using these types of portals we have a much better chance of getting valuable content for the website and additional earnings.

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