WordPress, Joomla or Drupal – which CMS is the best?

CMS is a content management system that allows the user to modify the content on the website independently, without knowledge of advanced technologies such as PHP, HTML or CSS. Instead of creating a website using a complicated programming language, we can use available CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Before choosing one of them, you should consider what the purpose of the site will be. All have their pros and cons, so which CMS choose to best meet our expectations for a future website?

1. WordPress

Warsaw website

It’s by far the most popular CMS in the world. Initially, it was a platform created for bloggers, but quickly gained a large group of followers using this CMS for other purposes. Currently, as many as 59% of users use WordPress (data: W3Techs). Too popular goes many available additions to the system, which allow you to quickly customize the site to our requirements. The undisputed advantage of WordPress is its simplicity of use and high intuitiveness, so that novice users will not have problems mastering the functionality of the system. The disadvantage of wordpress system is the fact that it will not be easy to create an advanced company website, modifications in this case will require basic knowledge of programming. In addition, thanks to the high popularity of WordPress, the interest of hackers in this CMS has also increased, it is worth installing plugins that increase the security of our website.


  1. a lot of additions to the system
  2. simplicity of use and intuitiveness.


  1. difficult system modifications
  2. reduced safety.

2. Joomla

cms warszawa website

This is the second most popular CMS after WordPress. The administration panel is much less intuitive and at the same time more advanced than the aforementioned CMS. Novice users may have trouble adapting the system to their requirements. In addition, Joomla definitely gives way to other CMS systems in terms of positioning. However, despite a few apparent flaws, after mastering the basic functionalities, Joomla becomes a very friendly environment, and the result is to create a professional website in a short time. In addition, it is a very good tool for e-commerce, thanks to free spreads such as HikaShop or VirtueMart.


  1. you can create a very professional website,
  2. good tool for e-commerce.


  1. unintui intuitive administration panel,
  2. worse system under SEO.

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3. Drupal

This is another opensource-based system. It is the least popular CMS, mainly due to its difficulty level. Drupal is more often chosen by advanced programmers. Webmasters give you great opportunities to manage your website, which can result in a professional and powerful website. Thanks to the ability to edit individual elements of a web page, there is no need to create a page from the beginning. In addition, Drupal allows you to create and manage content in the form of text, blog, statistics, podcasts, as well as user management. Compared to WordPress and Joomli, mastering Drupal takes the most time and requires at least basic knowledge of PHP, CSS, or HTML programming. Importantly, maintaining the site in this case is much more expensive.


  1. great opportunities to manage the site,
  2. the ability to edit individual elements of the page.


  1. difficult to master,
  2. road to maintenance.

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