20 effective strategies for generating sales leads

A sales lead is a potential customer who has expressed interest in our products or services. Lead generation can therefore be considered the most important process of user identification. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the readiness to buy even before starting the sales process. In order to be able to “transform” into a sales lead by presenting the most pictorial way possible, the customer should be encouraged by the offer and persuaded to leave their contact details.

1.Landing Page

The landing page is designed to trick the internet user into filling out the form and leaving their contact details. A well-structured landing page can turn up to 50% of visitors into leads, further reducing the cost of generating sales leads.

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2. Call to action

The call-to-action button is designed to encourage the user to take a specific action. A good call to action is able to significantly increase the conversion rate and turn the user into a lead.

3. Bit.ly and Goo.gl

Shortening links is an extremely important issue in generating sales leads. Thanks to it, we can successfully monitor the effectiveness of all shortened links and optimize the purchasing process accordingly. The chaos that reigns in the url may ultimately discourage the recipient from clicking on the link.

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(Source): http://bit-ly.en.softonic.com/web-apps

4. Marketing automation

The more information we are able to obtain about our leads, the more likely we are to successfully complete the sales process. Therefore, it’s a good idea to redirect the form to Thank You Page after the recipient fills out the form, where there will be an additional call-to-action. See also my article about marketing automation. 

5. Progress Monitoring

One of the basic tools, of course, is Google Analytics, which allows you to analyze website traffic and control your advertising campaigns. With GA, we can find out what content people like and then adjust the message accordingly to generate leads.

6. Form on the page

The shorter and clearer the form, the greater the chance of getting a sales lead. It must consist primarily of a minimum number of half, a visible call-to-action and a good message in the header.

7. Facebook Lead Ads

The lead campaign on Facebook is seemingly no different from the standard one. However, if you click on the call-to-action feature in your ad, the form you created when you created your creative will appear. This allows us to obtain valuable data, such as your name and e-mail, which are automatically taken from our profile. We may transfer such a database to ours with marketing consents. See also my ideas for Facebook campaigns.

8. LinkedIn campaign

Contrary to appearances, it’s not Facebook, and linkedin is the main channel for acquiring leads on social media. Created and shared expert content is of great interest and favor in B2B contacts, in other words – good quality content encourages the user to take advantage of the company’s offer.

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(Source): http://www.admonkey.pl/najciekawsze-case-studies-z-wykorzystaniem-linkedin-23272.html

9. Receive E-book

The strategy of acquiring valuable leads boils down to the inclusion of content marketing activities. One way is to prepare a high-quality free e-book that will be willingly shared on social media. To download the content, you need to provide your contact details, that is, leave the lead.

10. Free Report

Industry reports are particularly valuable to marketing professionals. They allow you to obtain, among other things, data on market developments. In many cases, access requires an email address, name, industry, and position in the company.

11. Receiving the Guide

Online guides are very popular with people who want to get to know the industry more. Free knowledge is at a premium, although in the internet space it does not always prove valuable. Preparing a guide is quite laborious, but it can result in the user leaving their contact details and obtaining information about the interests of the recipient.
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12. Save and send the Newsletter

Most companies provide high-quality content through mailing communications, to which the recipient can voluntarily agree and leave contact details. By analyzing the Open Rate and the content read willingly in the e-mail, we can adjust the message accordingly to the recipient and thus direct the sales process at a later time

13. Watching Video

Video is easier to evoke emotions and arouses the involvement of the audience, it is also more digestible than the written word. We can prepare a video action aimed at acquiring leads. In exchange for watching an interesting video, please leave your contact details. Recently, video is also the most outreach marketing tool.

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(Source): http://interaktywnie.com/badania-i-megapanel/wideo-w-internecie-sprawdz-kto-tak-naprawde-je-oglada-247348

14. Slide Share Presentation

SlideShare is an extremely important service in B2B communication. By posting industry presentations, we build our image as an expert. If the recipient likes the presentation, they can contact us using the contact form provided.

15. Participation in the Webinar

The organization of a free webinar is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable contacts. A good substantive preparation of the speaker will certainly encourage the audience to leave questions and contact a representative of the company.

16. Barter mailing

Due to increasing marketing costs, as well as the cost of reaching a potential customer, many companies opt for barter activities. One of the effective lead generation activities is mailing to customers co-operated with our offer. This form of advertising carries a lot of legal obligations and it is certainly necessary to prepare other content that will not be a clear offer.

17. Collecting leads on the street

Although it may seem that handing out leaflets is already an old and non-working way to reach customers. It turns out that the renewed form of these actions can be effective. It is enough that when giving away free prizes we will ask you to subscribe to our “newsletter” in order to keep up to date with the prizes and the offer of the company. Most people give their details without any problems after receiving the prize.

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(Source): https://www.livechatinc.com/

18. Chat on the site

Setting up a chat is a good way to get leads, especially when a customer enters their name and email when logging in. You need the memory to send to such Opt-in clients or set a marketing consent before logging in to livechat.

19. Instagram campaign

This form of lead generation is new, but there are already case studies on the internet confirming that “Instagram sells”. Currently, the advertising option isn’t available to all businesses.

20. Referal Lead Campaign

This form of lead generation is also very difficult and legally binding. The very process of receiving data from potentially interested parties is very delicate and must be carried out in consultation with a lawyer and an internet marketing specialist.

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