10 tools for your marketing specialist Vol.2

A good marketing specialist needs to constantly look for new solutions, ideas and marketing tools that will bring the intended results to advertising campaigns. On the internet market we find a number of tools that support the work of the marketer – from simple applications to advanced programs. Here is another list of the best and most popular marketing tools. Here you can see the first part of the list of tools useful for the position of marketing specialist.  

1. Zoho CRM

Thanks to its functionalities, it covers almost all areas of the company’s activities. For the marketer, it is the starting point for generating databases, customer segmentation, as well as analysis of the conducted marketing campaign.

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(Source): https://www.zoho.com/crm/

2. Positionly

This Polish service gives you great opportunities to monitor positioning activities. Thanks to it, we can track the results in the Polish version of Google. Positionly also has a global version. For every marketer, a high position in the search engine has an impact on sales, which is why such tools turn out to be indispensable in everyday work.

(Source): https://positionly.com

3. Buffer

The presence of the brand in one social network is already insufficient. To reach a much larger reach, you need to publish content across multiple channels. It can be very laborious, but buffer comes to the rescue, which synchronizes the content. With it, we can plan and analyze published posts in several channels at once.

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(Source): https://buffer.com/

4. Sales Manago

It is a tool that allows you to use the potential of marketing automation, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It gives you the ability to match offers and content dedicated to specific target groups (m.in. by e-mail marketing, ad networks, or dynamic content on the site).

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(Source): https://www.salesmanago.pl/

5. Prezi

It’s probably the most creative solution for creating presentations. Unlike PowerPoint, there are no slides, and large planes with content. Dynamic close-ups, distances and transitions give you great opportunities to present information.

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(Source): https://prezi.com/

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6. SurveyMonkey, New

Customer needs data is now necessary to build a tailored offer. Audience feedback is at a premium, so surveymonkey marketer allows you to create attractive questionnaires, collect and analyze available data.

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(Source): https://www.surveymonkey.com

7. Canva, New

Create beautiful graphics with just a few clicks. Just choose one of the many already ready-made formats tailored to social media, add a background, use a good copy and a nice font, and finally press the call-to-action button.

(Source): http://Canva.com/

8. Gliffy, Lucid Chart

Creating complex processes requires the right tools to organize and illustrate them. It’s the perfect tool for creating customer paths, for automating marketing, and for imaging the customer’s lifecycle in your business.

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(Source): https://www.gliffy.com/

9. Adespresso

Currently, Facebook campaigns are not among the cheapest. You also never know if a creative will deliver the optimal result. Adespreso gives you the ability to test the A/B of your creatives and determine which one you want to display eventually.

(Source): https://adespresso.com/

10. Wunderlist, Any.do

A daily list of responsibilities, which in a nice and accessible form you can join with addons. Here, visually, the Any.do, which can be used in the desktop version, addonov to your web browser and in the form of a phone application (Android and iPhone) wins.

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(Source: https://www.wunderlist.com/

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