5 tips on how to increase your e-commerce sales

Competition in the e-commerce market is currently huge. Frequent promotions, attractive prices and a friendly e-commerce interface will not solve the problem of low sales. Many people running e-commerce do not realize that there are simple treatments that affect the visibility of the search engine and increase sales.

How to optimize your e-commerce in 5 easy steps and thus improve your sales?

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1. Use the right keywords to search for an e-commerce

It’s even a responsibility to create a keyword list to optimize your e-commerce effectively for sales. It’s a good idea to track which phrases your customers type into the search engine and choose the right words using google keyword planner. When choosing keywords, we can act in two ways: use phrases that are characterized by a large number of searches or find words with low or medium competition.

In the first case, there is a risk that other e-commerce will position themselves on these words and dominate the first results of the search engine. By choosing words with fewer searches, we have a chance to outsmon the competition and consistently position ourself on them. Then you need to saturate your page with the appropriate keywords. But without exaggeration , Google’s algorithms are increasingly causing a page to drop, where similar phrases are used very often.

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(Source): http://www.monetate.com/blog/infographic-shopping-cart-abandonment-and-tips-to-avoid-it/

2. Use up sell and cross sell

Nothing attracts customers as much as proposing additional products that are tailored to the currently purchased or those in your shopping cart. This is what the cross sell method looks like, which effectively helps to increase sales. On the other hand, we use the up sell method when we want to sell products that are more expensive than those already added to the customer’s shopping cart. This simple mechanism will effectively help draw the user’s attention to products that he has not noticed before and change his shopping needs.

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(Source): https://blog.kissmetrics.com/color-psychology/

3. Organized categories and good photos

The basic procedure that we need to carry out is to determine the depth levels of the category trees. The absolute maximum is 3 levels, because there is a risk that the user will get lost by browsing the products and quickly leave the e-commerce. Category descriptions should be as short as possible. If the customer reaches the product of interest to him, then of course he expects an accurate description and clear photos. If the description and graphics are significantly different from reality, we can expect a large number of returns.

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(Source): http://www.business2community.com/ecommerce/take-charge-ecommerce-conversion-rate-2016-15-bonus-tips-01420737

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4. Visible product finder

Customers expect a simple and express transition through the purchasing process. If they have strict requirements, we must best give you the opportunity to quickly search for a product. Currently, it is necessary to be able to sort the list of results according to different criteria, e.g. price, name, match. The purchasing process can also be easily shortened by word hints in search results. If the current e-commerce does not provide such opportunities, then changes to the e-shop software will be necessary. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the planning of the e-commerce to an experienced internet marketing specialist and programmeper at the very beginning.

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(Source): http://www.claruscommerce.com/news/free-return-shipping-can-offer-quite-a-few-returns-on-the-investment/

5. Shopping cart and payments

Baymard Institute estimates that as many as 68% of users do not complete purchases. 44% of customers indicated that shipping costs were too expensive. In the case of such unambiguous answers of internet users, it is worth presenting clear information about the additional costs already at the initial stage of the purchasing process. The customer will not be surprised by the final price and will have time to recalculating the purchase. Research shows that customers are less likely to leave the shopping cart if the e-commerce offers them a “Free Delivery Day”. If the customer is determined to buy, you can offer different delivery options and types of fast payments e.g. Transfers24 or PayU.

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