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10 tools for your marketing specialist Vol.2

A good marketing specialist needs to constantly look for new solutions, ideas and marketing tools that will bring the intended results to advertising campaigns. On the internet market we find a number of tools that support the work of the marketer – from simple applications to advanced programs. Here is another list of the best and most popular marketing tools. Here you can see the first part of the list of tools useful for the position of marketing specialist.  

1. Zoho CRM

Thanks to its functionalities, it covers almost all areas of the company’s activities. For the marketer, it is the starting point for generating databases, customer segmentation, as well as analysis of the conducted marketing campaign.

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2. Positionly

This Polish service gives you great opportunities to monitor positioning activities. Thanks to it, we can track the results in the Polish version of Google. Positionly also has a global version. For every marketer, a high position in the search engine has an impact on sales, which is why such tools turn out to be indispensable in everyday work.


3. Buffer

The presence of the brand in one social network is already insufficient. To reach a much larger reach, you need to publish content across multiple channels. It can be very laborious, but buffer comes to the rescue, which synchronizes the content. With it, we can plan and analyze published posts in several channels at once.

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4. Sales Manago

It is a tool that allows you to use the potential of marketing automation, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It gives you the ability to match offers and content dedicated to specific target groups ( by e-mail marketing, ad networks, or dynamic content on the site).

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5. Prezi

It’s probably the most creative solution for creating presentations. Unlike PowerPoint, there are no slides, and large planes with content. Dynamic close-ups, distances and transitions give you great opportunities to present information.

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6. SurveyMonkey, New

Customer needs data is now necessary to build a tailored offer. Audience feedback is at a premium, so surveymonkey marketer allows you to create attractive questionnaires, collect and analyze available data.

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7. Canva, New

Create beautiful graphics with just a few clicks. Just choose one of the many already ready-made formats tailored to social media, add a background, use a good copy and a nice font, and finally press the call-to-action button.


8. Gliffy, Lucid Chart

Creating complex processes requires the right tools to organize and illustrate them. It’s the perfect tool for creating customer paths, for automating marketing, and for imaging the customer’s lifecycle in your business.

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9. Adespresso

Currently, Facebook campaigns are not among the cheapest. You also never know if a creative will deliver the optimal result. Adespreso gives you the ability to test the A/B of your creatives and determine which one you want to display eventually.


10. Wunderlist,

A daily list of responsibilities, which in a nice and accessible form you can join with addons. Here, visually, the, which can be used in the desktop version, addonov to your web browser and in the form of a phone application (Android and iPhone) wins.

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10 mistakes your company makes on Instagram!

300 million – so many monthly users are actively using Instagram. It attracts not only individuals, but also companies that discover its potential. Everyone makes basic mistakes on Instagram, but for businesses it works definitely to the detriment of the brand. See what are the basic mistakes made on Instagram.


Do you believe the statement “Instagram doesn’t sell”? If so, do not continue reading this text. Many companies are unaware of where their customers are on the web and, consequently, recognize that Instagram will not help them at all.

1. You share the same content

If you keep posting the same content, users will stop following your profile, simply get tired of the same topic and become one of the users publishing average content. Creativity is the most important thing on social media. The most valuable are a variety of content: graphics, photos, videos, which affect the engagement of fans. One effective real-time marketing action on Instagram can affect brand awareness more than you expect.


Example 1. How to show posts about the same topic in an interesting way

2. You don’t respond to comments

Responding to comments below your posts is key to building engagement with your profile followers. Dialogue plays an important role in social media, and ignoring your fans will cause them to quickly stop following you. It’s a good idea to tag your fans by responding to comments to encourage further discussion.

3. You use poor quality “hashtags”

If you don’t use hashtags in your posts, you limit the reach of your profile. This is especially true for business accounts that should add industry-related hashtags. Of course, you can not overdo it with their number.

4. You don’t post a video on Instagram

Video is the future of marketing, including social media. It can say more than graphics and content. Up to a dozen seconds of video can spread virally and reach a whole multitude of potential fans. In the case of company profiles, video plays an important role – it is a unique opportunity to show your business from the best side.

5. You insert long descriptions in bio and posts

I often find super pictures on instagram and then my eyes wander into the description. Then often the biggest problem begins. The length of posts causes people to immediately run away from the profile and look further.


Example 2. From such a length of description until the head hurts

6. You follow a lot more people than you follow

There is a belief that if you follow someone, then someone is following you. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. So if you’re following 2,000 people and only 200 people are following you, it doesn’t look good.

7. You don’t use geo-tags!

In addition to hashtags, geo-tags are used to build coverage. It’s a good idea to add your location when uploading Instagram content. It’s a great tool for people who use these locations when browsing Instagram.
79% more engagement using geo-tags.

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8. Missing Call-To-Action in your copy

If you want your followers to do something (e.g. buy your product), it’s a good idea to tell them directly. Uploading photos with your product and praising it won’t make it sell itself.

9. You’re too sales… every step of the way

It is worth calling for action, but not at every step. When you engage with a post and give a lot of information, do not write in the comments: “You can buy this product here and here….” Etc. Inexplicable messages and natural sustaining of commitment are enough. Aggressive sales will have the opposite effect.


Example 3. Here is the outgoing link

10. You don’t add a link to your bio.

The biggest sin on instagram. Without an outbound link to your site, you’ll lose traffic to your website and potential customers. So maybe it’s worth it instead of just “being on Instagram”, learning how to use it well!

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10 tools useful for the position of marketing specialist Vol. 1

Work “on e-mails” goes to the lamus. Uploading dozens of versions of files with comments, comments and information that are somewhere in the emails, but difficult to find, findings and requests that appeared in the emails, but were omissified – this can be avoided. Spend less time on Lotus and Outlook and start managing your time and work organization efficiently.

Collecting reports in Excel and Word is also not one of the most convenient. Here are 10 tools to help you work digital marketer.

1.Asana and Slack

A regular notebook is not enough to prioritize and make changes during the day. Asana or Slack are enough to group responsibilities and even create an advanced project for a few or a dozen people.

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2. Smartsheet or JIRA

Are you a project manager or supervising work done by others (e.g. creating applications or websites)? These tools will help you mark the stage of your activities accordingly, and add information about what needs to be improved or changed.

Digital Manager


3. Google Analytics, Search Console

Daily data control helps you guide the page accordingly and check user behaviors and steps. To increase search visibility and add a page to Google Search, all you need is Search Console. Thanks to it, we can check the state of the bots’ reading of structured data on our website.

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5. GetResponse and SMSApi

Creating direct marketing communications requires the right tools to help you create email and SMS campaigns. In this case, you do not need to know html encoding.

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5. Google Docs

No more Word Excel and Power Point files that have been on email or drives. More than a dozen people can edit Google Docs at the same time. Plus, everything is visible on Google Drive, just like on a computer drive.

Digital marketing specialist


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6. Whatsmyserp

Keyword position monitoring is generally paid. However, there is a tool that will do it for free. 100 free keywords to check in SERPie.

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7. Hot Jar, Smartlook, Inspectlet

The heat map recording and heat mapping tool is the basis for understanding how the customer behaves on our website. We can find out what might block its next steps, e.g. when filling out the form. Smartlook also records user movement.

Digital Marketing Manager


8. Brand24, BrandSpy, Newspoint

Knowing what customers are saying about your brand on social media, in forums, what appears on the portals and what the overtone is important information. By monitoring overtones and brand information, you can quickly respond to unexpected events.


9. Photoshop or free web Pixlr

Photo processing and graphic reformation are the basis for the requirements of current marketing tools. If your company doesn’t use Photoshop, you can use the photographer’s version, which costs about $14 a month. If you are looking for something for free, Pixlr, such a poorer Photoshop in the web version, will be suitable.


10. Optimizely

Create A/B item tests on your live page. Now you can see if the button color and text on it have larger CTRs. You don’t have to be able to code, drag&drop and creativity are enough to create tests.

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Daily marketing specialist in 15 gifs

If the internet is your second – or even your first – home, if you work in an agency or at a customer’s office as a marketing specialist, if you’re an account at a digital agency, you’ll understand what this short listing is all about. How to sum up the everyday life of a digital learner? You don’t need extensive translations, elaborate and descriptive representation of every hour of a long day. Enough gifs, more pictorially probably can not …

1. When you get a job in digital marketing

2. When you learn how many past processes can be simplified

3. When you plan digital activities with offline

4. When Mr. Sandwich enters the office

5. When you don’t sign up for a board presentation

6. When a director reports a new project to you

7. When someone comes to ask you about project details

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8. When the third hour of brainstorming passes

9. When you find out that there is AN ASAP EXTRA

10. When you want to go out for lunch, but you’ve been told to do something in ASAP EXTRA mode

11. When you are praised in front of the whole company

12. When someone says by email that you made a wrong, but… someone else made a wrong

13. When you come back from vacation and the mailbox bursts at the seams

14. When you knead before deadline

15. When it strikes at 17:00 on Friday

Most of these situations need to be looked at with a grain of salt and calmness. It doesn’t always work out.