What is content marketing?

Content marketing has become one of the most important activities in the digital field. More than 85% of professionals already include content marketing in their strategy, and more than half think it’s doing really well. So what is content marketing and why are brands so keen to do so?

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How is content marketing the easiest way to answer the question? It is the production and distribution of valuable content that will perfectly fit the needs of customers (and potential customers) or clarify any doubts. Content marketing is primarily the art of understanding, entering into dialogue and satisfying the expectations of the target group. Communication shall be established when the consumer seeks a solution to his problem or information about the product or service, without the consumer making a decision on the purchase.

internet marketing specialist

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Content marketing tools

Content marketing has many definitions, and brands try to tame it in different ways. One thing is for sure – well-conducted content marketing activities are the key to success in the modern market. The best way to effectively choose content marketing tools is to get to know your target audience’s needs as comprehensively as possible and then test different solutions.

The most popular content marketing tools can include: company blogs, social media, thematic wortale, publications such as reports, infographics, videographics, newsletters, e-books, videos, guides. As many as 79% of companies include social media publication in their content marketing strategy, 78% of articles and 61% of newsletters. Least brands (only 9%) uses e-books in the promotion, the writing of which requires the most time and work.
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Content marketing as part of your brand strategy

A good content marketing strategy is an indicator of the success of our promotional activities. Many internet marketing professionals try to act blindly, chaotically introducing individual elements of the promotion. That is why it is so important to set specific targets that are measurable. Creating a good strategy starts with asking yourself “what’s the brand story?”, “does it have a higher goal?”. It is then necessary to know the needs and behaviour of consumers fairly. The best solution is to segment your customers and determine the person, so that we can determine your behaviors and needs at every step of your engagement. To strategically synchronize all activities, you must create a channel architecture and their role. It is also important to involve consumers, and social media will provide us with this, of course.

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