An effective website – why you should have it

The website is the primary source of information about the company, an effective tool for creating image and brand perception. Its main function is also the sale and generation of leads. Constantly evolving internet technologies require the website manager to keep following trends. Supervision of the correct process of creating a website is usually carried out by a specialist in internet marketing. Its presence in the company is necessary if the purpose of the website is refined technical, image and promotional issues.

An effective website

Creating a website should be a process of implementing an idea and a specific plan. Your Page should look different depending on the specifics of the industry and the audience you want to reach, but it will always be our business card, ad, and contact. Our website must appeal to customers because it is prepared for them, not for the business owner. The role of an internet marketing specialist in this case is to understand the preferences and needs of the audience, as well as to track website traffic, thanks to appropriate analytical tools (eg. Google Analytics).

Although the aesthetics and attractiveness of a website remain a key aspect at all times, increasingly the word “trend” is displaced by the word “effectiveness”, which amounts to bounce rate, conversion level and page position in the search engine. When building a website, it is useful to use tools to track the user’s movement and check the so-called “heat map”, which is the place where the user most often leaves the movement of the mouse. In this way, we will be able to apply the most important content or even the purchase button to the right place. Thanks to this action, we will increase sales.

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Technical aspects of the website

A properly designed site can bring invaluable image benefits, but also sales. It is also important to remember about Growth Hacking, which is to speed up the operation of the website. In addition, you need to adjust the readability of the content on the site by structured data – Schema. Only in this way can Google bots read, for example, whether they are on the company’s website or author’s blog. The prevailing trends in web design are primarily aimed at improving the effectiveness of the website. Without a specialist in the company, we will not be able to meet all marketing tasks, and the site will not bring the intended results. Therefore, it is worth investing in an experienced marketer who will achieve the desired goals and contribute to the development of the company.

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Adapting the site to the current requirements is the task of a marketing specialist, who must regularly track the position in the search engine through SEO positioning and content activities, increase the level of conversion by eg. Google Adwords or marketing automation, and monitor bounce rates by taking actions that will stop a user on the page.

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Trends in web development

If we are talking about trends or the effectiveness of a website, one should not forget about the basic issue of administering the site. Currently, practically no longer builds services without CMS, that is, the built-in administration panel. After implementing the new page, the contractor conducts training on the operation of the panel. It’s a good idea to have someone in your company who’s deployed to respond quickly to any issues, and to update your Page.

The marketing specialist acts as a supervisor and contractor in the company. It needs to keep up to date with trends and styles related to page design. One of them is material design (or colloquially called “flat design”), which assumes simplicity, concentration of content in the center, limitation of the color palette, as well as the use of modest typography. The trend that has become very fashionable lately is to use the full width and height of the screen. In this way, it is intended to encourage you to continue exploring the site without much distraction. Also, the growing mobile trend is forcing designers and Digital Marketing Specialist to adapt the site to smartphones and tablets, using responsive layout (RWD) and the company’s mobile website. The result will be a simple and functional page for the user.

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